Our Mission

Adam Rafkin, Ruidoso Lawyer
Our mission is, quite simply, to level the playing field.
When someone is injured, an insurance company becomes involved and the case quickly becomes a "David vs. Goliath" scenario. Insurance companies have essentially limitless resources. They generally retain large firms with dozens of attorneys to represent the person or company which caused the accident. The insurance company frequently will not hesitate to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in the course of litigation, in an effort to "out-spend" the plaintiff (the person who was injured), in an attempt to force the injured person to accept a sum far less than what is necessary to compensate him or her for the injury.

It is particularly important in any personal injury case to retain counsel who is accustomed to litigating cases against insurance companies and who is not intimidated by the prospect of taking a case to a jury trial. Having such an attorney often results in a fair settlement of the case, as the insurer realizes that the injured person's attorney is not frightened of the insurer and that he or she intends to take the case "all the way" (i.e., to trial, if necessary).